Since our founding more than twenty two years ago, NDTI has been single minded about delivering high quality services and solutions to our clients.  From the outset, the company’s founder decided that information technology should be both a key capability and an integral part of company operations.  Consequently, we have succeeded in building a significant reputation delivering high quality information technology services and solution to our customers.  Worthy of note is our success operating and streamlining data center and desk top computer operations through the use of data center and desk top virtualization solutions.  Always adaptable and forward looking, when cyber security threats emerged as a key concern, NDTI evolved our offerings to include information assurance and cyber security services.

Today, our information assurance and cyber security capability is second to none. We have the ability to certify, accredit and secure large complex business systems as well as critical DoD weapons systems.  NDTI is also recognized for our ability to design and deploy large scale collaboration solutions as exemplified by the SharePoint solutions we developed and maintain for a key Homeland Security agency.  Complementing our information technology credentials is a team of subject matter experts who are experienced former DoD acquisition professionals and warfighters from all military service branches.

Our commitment to the defense of our nation and the operational efficiency of our government are major factors that will continue driving our business strategy for the foreseeable future.
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