Service Experience

Engineering, Technical and Programmatic Support Services for Warfare Centers

Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support:  Our simulation efforts involved the use of image generation, insertion and implementation of real-time techniques, systems programming, software development, performance analysis, verification and validation (V&V) support and graphical user interface development.

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support:  We have supported the NSWC Port Hueneme Division, Command Information Technology Office, generating requirements and cost benefit analysis, network management, high-level application, database design/development/integration /configuration management, requisite technical documentation of corporate business-oriented information systems, on-site server and applications support of hardware/software failures, configuring/ reconfiguring client/server software, user training, and we give specialized support in web/portal application development, modification, and upgrade.

Configuration Management (CM) Support:  We have given support to the Sidewinder/Sparrow Program Office, provided assistance with database administration using the Integrated Computer Aided Provisioning System (ICAPS). We have provided instructional support on procedures for informing Naval Inventory Control Points (NAVICP) of changes to their supply systems, and obtaining National Stock Numbers (NSN) for hardware. We have designed and developed a browser-based configuration management system with our extensive background in configuration and data management services.

Information Systems:  We have supported the implementation of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) at several locations, and delivery of comprehensive and end-to-end information system services.

Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support:  We have supported the Signature, Measurement & Modeling Branch at NAWCWD by providing field test support on aircraft, weapons, and vehicles with a focus on infrared signature measurements and seeker exploitation.

Training Support:  We have provided training support to the NAWC Weapons Division Sidewinder/Sparrow Program Office for U.S. Navy, U. S. Air Force and Foreign Military Sales customers on the characteristics of the AIM-9M Sidewinder missile and its integration onto U.S. and FMS aircraft platforms.

Program Support:  We have given our support to the NSWC Port Hueneme Division in preparing and delivering both written and oral briefings, providing a comparison of the costs/benefits/risks determining estimates of development times and manpower/resource requirements. We have also given support to the NAVAIR ESPO to provide a leadership focus and direction for transition from the current business-operating environment to a SAP/R3 operating structure.

Administrative Support:  Our support to the NSWC Port Hueneme Division Command Information Technology Office includes the full range of administrative support functions necessary for day to day operations. For the PMA-205 Program Office we provide Management Operations, Engineering Change Proposal and Training Systems Management
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