Client Services

Information Technology

We provide the full myriad of Information Technology, Information Assurance and Systems/ Applications Engineering Support Services using ITIL and ISO 20000 processes. Our support organization is in place to support the life of the program. This encompasses compliance within Information Assurance mandates, Vulnerability Assessments, System hardening, Portfolio Management, Configuration Management/Change Management, Network/Systems Engineering and Applications Development, Office Automation, and Service Support and Delivery to maximize investment.


Engineering Services

NDTI offers end-to-end life cycle systems engineering and management services for mission-critical Department of Defense (DoD) and National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) programs. We provide full life cycle support for system architecture, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), engineering design, deployment and maintenance of systems. We support all phases and milestones of the acquisition cycle to address user needs, technology readiness, market research, technology insertion, and future technology readiness.


Rapid Prototyping

NDTI enables the warfighter to meet dynamic requirements, enhance readiness, and continuously improve performance in 21st-century combat arenas where critical challenges regularly evolve. Our core manufacturing and production capabilities encompass all facets of device production (thick/thin sheet metal, cutting/welding, milling/machining, environmental/special protective coatings, electronic/circuit board production, and energetic/chemical systems.


Software Development

NDTI applies proven industry and government standards in software development of scalable and dependable products. Based on customer’s requirements and DoDI 5000.2 we tailor the activities of requirements analysis, design, development, test and post-deployment support. We identify the relevant technologies and select the appropriate software development lifecycle methodology that gets a reliable product quickly and efficiently to the warfighter.


Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

NDTI provides customers the edge in a cyber-world where adversary actions never stop. As part of our core competencies, NDTI’s cybersecurity workforce delivers the most advanced and integrated solutions across all domains for the military, civilian government and private industry throughout the United States.


Acquisition & Program Management

Systems extend beyond traditional program, command, and agency boundaries. The requirements, interfaces, and technologies are more complex in the new system-of-systems environment. To accommodate changing requirements and the complexities that arise, NDTI delivers proven acquisition management strategies and complete operational support within the Naval Aviation Enterprise.



What We Do

We are focused on delivering products and services of highest quality to our customers.

What We do

NDTI provides seasoned and certified IT Professionals with the understanding and appropriate clearances for full-service Information Technology Support Services. Our Systems Engineers architect solutions that will satisfy your business needs regardless of platform requirements.

How We Do It

We are focused on exceeding our customer expectations at every stage of service delivery.

How We Do It

NDTI invests resources in analyzing and documenting your requirements, creating the Concept of Operations for the desired result, as well as use-case scenarios, Plan of Actions and Milestones, C&A and a systems sustainability plan to ensure the successful end result.

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