Business Insight through ESP

NDTI provides over 25 interconnected modules to streamline contract management functions from initiation to close out through a single integrated solution – ESP21TM. Hiring, payroll processing, jobs management, funds allocation and tracking, procurement, inventory, business development and personnel security are just a few of the integrated functions to meet all your contract management requirements.

Product Overview

ESP Stands for “Enterprise Solution Platform.” What it means to your business is that it represents the solid foundation our business solutions are built on. All ESP21TM Systems, Applications and their associated processes and work-flow, are elegantly and strategically deployed to serve your business needs.

ESP21TM represents the next generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Enterprise Solutions Platform Twenty-First Century (ESP21TM) is written using the most modern Microsoft development tools and architected from the ground up to eliminate orphaned code and installs, thereby dramatically reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).ESP21TM is a comprehensive suite of integrated modules referred to as systems that offer a compelling solution to all your business needs. All of the systems utilize the same GUI, architecture, navigation and human factors making installation, training, expansion, and maintenance easy and logical. Our solutions are especially useful when your business is dealing with Federal contracts with a lot of complex regulations and contractual compliance where ESP21TM provides you with intuitive and time-saving solutions.

Main Features and Benefits

The following is a list of features and corresponding benefits of ESP21TM’s design methodology that allows us to shift the enterprise paradigm from one that focuses on Resources and Planning to Solutions and a Platform. The main features below differentiate ESP21TM from older products which are not designed native to Microsoft .NET because they require a big investment to take advantage of the .NET paradigm. ESP21TM is a new solution from the ground up and therefore does not use a compatibility layer to make our applications run in MS .NET or have redesigned front end screens to make them look more up-to-date.

The Supply Chain System of Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive set of tools that automate all core supply chain functions. The application provides management and administration through a flexible, configurable interface promoting tremendous efficiency and productivity in all areas of supply chain management and related enterprise support.
The Budgets System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive set of tools used to manage your entire budgeting process as well as all of its related requirements. Its flexibility simplifies administration by integrating and tracking essential information from the point of creating budget items/entries through the ultimate replenishment and/or interfacing of budget items to contract documents or any ESP21 defined work scope.
The Order Entry System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a powerful suite of software programs that enable organizations to easily automate virtually any ordering process. The Order Entry System empowers an organization to architect workflow and configures a variety of ordering and fulfillment processes to efficiently manage and track all aspects of customer and enterprise order processing requirements.
The Contract Document System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive set of tools used to manage your entire Contract Document Management process as well as all of its related requirements. Its flexibility simplifies administration by integrating and tracking essential information starting with the configuration and setup of Contract Document request through the accumulation of expenses and the ultimate close out of the document.
The Job Cost System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive resource management and billing tool.Working inter-actively with and responding to enterprise contract documents and controls, the system collects, manages and ensures the proper accounting allocation and consumption of contract and/or work scope resources. This powerful system can be configured to meet the most demanding collection and management requirements of any organization.
The Manufacturing Management System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive and powerful set of tools enabling the enterprise to track and manage all aspects of the manufacturing process. The Manufacturing Management System allows immediate inquiry into the current status of all facets associated with the production, planning, inventory allocation, and consumption as well as comparatives to scheduled processes and end result manufacturing and demand.

The Property/inventory System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is the perfect software solution to manage property and inventory control needs. The System, utilizing a comprehensive series of applications and processes, provides a flexible and dynamic solution schema capable of addressing all aspects of inventory control, tracking, and related activity.

The Human Resources system of Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21TM) is a comprehensive set of tools that automate all core Human Resources functions. The system provides management and administration through a flexible, configurable interface promoting tremendous efficiency and productivity in all areas of HR and related enterprise support. Automation of a wide array of Human Resource functions empowers enterprise personnel to easily track all aspects of employee activity and lifecycle. It also provides intuitive enterprise planning and the opportunity to proactively determine resource requirements and levels within the organization as well as the more traditional aspects of HR such as training, education, benefits and review as well as comprehensive employee profiling. As an integrated ESP family member of applications, the HR system provides vital insight and control of human resource for all enterprise requirements.

ESP21TM provides integration between different modules like contacts, timecards, travel, billing/job cost, human resources, accounting while providing customizable rules to comply with Government regulations. This is especially useful when dealing with Federal Contracts where a lot of complicated scenarios with respect to billing contracts like burdening, T&M rates, contract-specific rates, tripwires etc are implemented.

Other Features and Benefits

There are a number of other significant features and benefits offered by ESP21TM. ESP21TM uses a number of unique tools, because we recognize that no two implementations are the same, and clients will seldom be fully satisfied with an ERP solution right out of the box. Whether it is something simple, like terminology (e.g. “We don’t use the term Part Number, we like Product Number”) to more profound like limiting what certain users can see when reviewing customer properties while allowing others full access, most implementations are going to require some level of customization. ESP21TM offers a set of tools that allow a maximum level of flexibility and customizability within the system without having to alter any code or write a custom interface. These tools are simple to use, yet powerful in their capabilities.

This tool allows any screen within the ESP21TM system to be customized interactively. Since form customizations can be seen immediately, demonstrations can even show the customer how it is done or respond to a request by making a change dynamically.  Here are some specifics:

  • It is initiated by performing a hot-key sequence from the screen to be modified.  This capability can be turned on or off on user by user or user group basis.
  • There is the ability to move controls, hide them, disable them, change the text of them, and to add new controls to existing forms.
  • The interface uses a preview screen which displays how the form will look as it is being modified.  The controls can also be moved and resized by using the mouse and the user can see the control move/resize as they move the mouse.
  • The user can click on a control on the screen and bring up the properties for it (location, size, caption, data binding, etc).
  • Each screen allows any number of customizations by applying the changes to all users or to specific user groups, thus allowing you to hide/disallow changes, etc of any field depending upon the access level provided to the user viewing the screen.
  • Screens that have been changed can have their changes scripted and run on different databases – useful when there are multiple processing companies or for independent consultants to apply to multiple clients.

 This provides the ability to add screens that will look and behave identical to the regular ESP21TM screens, but manage data that is specific to the client.  For example, if a client wanted to have a new category that applies to customers, they would use the tool to generate a maintenance screen for their table and then use the customization tool on the customer entry screen to allow the category to be maintained for each customer.

 This is similar to the maintenance generator tool but is used to create filterable inquiry screens for querying data.

Provides the ability to create new reports and then specify parameters for sending criteria to the report and have ESP21TM create the screen that the user selects for the report criteria.  Clients or their consultants can use this to have their own set of reports that they use and have them launched from ESP21TM.

This is an alternate interface that sits on the desktop and launches ESP21TM applications or any other application with a single click.

 This is the ESP21TM mail system that sends automated messages and reminders between users or from the application to users when certain events occur.    Communique’ has the added ability to open ESP21TM applications from the message.  In the previous example, the user can check the contents of the receipt by clicking a button on their message and seeing the ESP21TM receipt inquiry screen for their purchase order.  Messages can be replied to and forwarded in the same way that a regular mail system does.

This tool displays query results with columns that can be adjusted interactively on a user basis or for all users. By right clicking on the results pane, the columns being displayed can be toggled on or off, and columns that are in the underlying view but not on display can be added.  There is also an advanced option for changing the column header captions, reordering the columns, and changing the width.  Changes made to explorer displays can be saved by the user.

Our newest technology tool is used for defining workflow tasks that can be attached to standard ESP21TM processes. An example for its use would be to define a structured list of tasks that an invoice must pass through before it is approved and ready for processing. As the document moves through the workflow process, a communiqué is sent to the user(s) assigned to the task informing them that there is an invoice that needs their attention. When they complete their task, they release it to the next task and so on until the workflow is complete and the invoice is ready to be processed. Workflow processing can be attached to any document (accounts payable, process enhancement, purchasing etc.) within the system.

ESP21TM has a well defined robust front end which provides the user with number of capabilities like entering timecards, leave application, jobs management, various accounting tasks, and HR functions.

Program Phases

Project Transition Requirements Definition & Analysis Configuration & Customization Deployment Operations & Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Discovery
  • Implementation
  • Functional Analysis
  • Technological Assessment
  • Identification of Process Change Initiatives
  • Load ESP21TM Software
  • System Configuration
  • System Customization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Testing
  • Documentation Delivery
  • Deployment Training
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Specialized
  • Training
Risk Management