High Quality Quick Turnaround Prototyping Capability

NDTI enables the warfighter to meet dynamic requirements, enhance readiness, and continuously improve performance in 21st century combat arenas where critical challenges regularly evolve. Our core manufacturing and production capabilities encompass all facets of device production (thick/thin sheet metal, cutting/welding, milling/machining, environmental/special protective coatings, electronic/circuit board production, and energetic/chemical systems.
We focus on efficiency and effectiveness of processes, communication, collaboration, and information management, providing a matrix management solution that balances system constraints, interfaces, cost, and schedule. Our services are project driven, which permits us to fully capitalize and streamline prototype design, development, testing, and production tactics and strategies. NDTI professionals employ an agile teaming approach based on project specific production requirements designed to meet the warfighter’s mission urgent need within resource constraint.


What We Offer

  • Function Requirement Allocation
  • Capability and Constraint Tradeoff Analysis
  • Mock Ups to Verify Form, Fit, and Function
  • Develop Interface Control Documents (ICD)
  • Build to Specification – Test to Performance

How We Do It

  • Cost Effective, Value-Added Focus
  • Certified Technical Professionals
  • Unrivaled Customer Reputation
  • Commitment To Excellence
  • Six Sigma-Trained Workforce
  • Best Practices Approach


  • Department of the Navy
    • NAWC
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