Scalable and Dependable Software Development Products

NDTI applies proven industry and government standards in software development of scalable and dependable products. Based on customer’s requirements and DoDI 5000.02 we tailor the activities of requirements analysis, design, development, test and post deployment support to align with specific project Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). We identify the relevant technologies and select the appropriate software development lifecycle methodology that gets a reliable product quickly and efficiently to the warfighter.
Process – We manage the software development lifecycle by selecting a life cycle model that aligns with the customers’ needs and product requirements. Our experience with Spiral, Waterfall, Agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and other methodologies allows us to align the development with the acquisition program strategy and the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP). We implement CMM-SW and CMMI-DEV processes to achieve near zero defects per KSLOC by collecting metrics and complying with the quality and configuration management processes. Our experience with the System Engineering Technical Review (SETR) process enables us to be an integrated member of the product team supporting program milestone reviews.
Communication – We provide full disclosure to assist our customers with making decisions. Stake holder meetings, status reports, and deliverables are planned at various stages of the program to communicate program performance, technical maturity, and program risks. As an integrated member of the product team, we coordinate activities with the program manager on a daily basis and ensure that the program is meeting the scope, cost, and schedule expectations.
Experience – NDTI software engineers and developers leverage a variety of the latest technologies in development (such as SharePoint, IBM Rational Suite, DOORS Next Generation, C/C++/C#, VxWorks RTOS, MySQL, OOD, SOA, JSON, MVC,
JQuery, and REST) to deliver quality custom software solutions. NDTI successfully integrates custom applications into existing environments.
Support – NDTI provides operations/maintenance on software development products, various operating systems, enterprise network backbone infrastructure, backup/restore technologies, allocation and utilization (including data at rest and disposal requirements), and enterprise storage area networks. NDTI has vast experience with managing interoperability between these diverse platforms and in the Lifecycle maintenance of above stated technologies to include technical hardware/software refresh, firmware updates, asset/inventory control, configuration management, and procurement support. NDTI provides operational, training and maintenance support for deployed software products to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the warfighter. We provide system enhancements to meet the changing needs of the fleet and address emerging threats, as well as integration of new capability and end user training.

What We Offer

  • Web Portal Design
  • Custom Discoverable Web Services
  • InfoPath Solutions
  • Business Data Catalog Integration
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Feature Development
  • SharePoint Solution Packages
  • Template Design

How We Do It

  • Cost Effective, Value-Added Focus
  • Certified Technical Professionals
  • Unrivaled Customer Reputation
  • Commitment To Excellence
  • Six Sigma-Trained Workforce
  • Best Practices Approach


  • Department of the Air Force
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Interior
  • Department of the Navy
    o Joint Test Evaluation Office
    o Naval Air Systems Command
    o Naval Air Warfare Center
    o Naval Surface Warfare Center
    o Office of Naval Research
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